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For several years in the business in this area, we realized that many customers still seek "human contact" that the Internet can give unfortunately only up to a certain point. Despite having now numerous references in online sales, thus providing a strong guarantee of safety and reliability, we have entered a view to creating a network of sales throughout the national territory and get physically where, for logistical reasons clear, we're unable to have contacts.

You are a sales person and want to collaborate with us?
Let multiple agents motivated to create their own client portfolio. You will have all our support and the material to approach the negotiations directly in retail outlets. Our technical expertise combined with our warehouse at our showroom and directed to the support of the supplier companies will store Your trump card and Your strength, the image of a solid structure at competitive prices.
Our product catalog is constantly updated and the profit margins arevery interesting. Machinery and equipment for the professional catering, equipment and accessories for the most varied business activities, from the bar to the ice cream shop, restaurant, pizzeria, pastry shop, bakery, butcher, hotel, hotels, grocery, delicatessen, food, catering, self service, café, pub, sandwich bar, pub, wine bar, restaurant, tavern, communities, canteens, schools, tourist association, cooperatives and associations ... the catchment area of the commercial activities in the catering sector, and in general in the food, it really is remarkable. The potential therefore there are, just know how and want to achieve something concrete.
If you want to be ready to become part of our staff, contact us! We will gladly give you all the necessary explanations in order to start a profitable collaboration for both.
If you are rather a business subjects, and you want to become a Reseller, send us an e-mail will require toand more information. You will manage the sales comfortably in Your Drop Ship, we will direct us to the preparation, packaging and shipping of goods.
The Drop Ship (also known as dropshipping, drop shipping or dropship) offers multiple benefits: the seller (you), once you make the sale, sends the order to the supplier (us) who will ship the product directly to the end user.
To Drop Ship therefore means a sales model whereby the seller sells a product to an end user, but without owning it physically in your warehouse.
In this way the seller is concerned only with the publication of the products (supported by our price list as a CSV file), without the relevant tasks related to packaging processes, shipping and warranty which are instead to the care provider.
By subscribing to our Dropship Service you can resell the items in our catalog via their preferred channel.
To be entitled to the purchase as a dealer is enough to have a VAT, and have their own e-commerce (or work on Marketplace) or join one of the managerial Drop Ship Restaurant Store® partners. Once logged Your account on our site, send us a request to activate the discounts reserved for resellers.
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