Juicer Automatic Oranfresh


Design, elegant design, the production of our fruit juicer are of Italian excellence. Always appreciated for our high quality standards, because the pioneers of the industry, we do the "Made in Italy" our brand. The quality control is guaranteed by checking and testing each component of our machines. 

The automatic pressing process internationally patented, unique in the industry, delivers a range of benefits such as:

- Separate the bitter essential oils of the peel from the juice

- Offer a high juice yield

- Manage convenience and time savings

- Get hygiene and cleanliness

The innovative, patented squeezing system is designed to ensure maximum hygiene and cleaning, as well as inside, even outside of the machine. Even after intensive use, no more splashes of juice and unsightly deposits visible to the consumer.

Our juice is the most popular because of the naturally sweet flavor, totally devoid bitter oil (because no juicecomes in contact with the peel) and of residues of pulp. A true work of art.

Thanks to technical solutions refined over the years, we guarantee the best quality / price in the industry with the highest juice yield (up to 42% of the weight of the fruit) than the competition, maintaining the high aromatic quality that identifies the brand for years Oranfresh®. Same number of oranges, more juice, more taste.

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Two models available: EXPRESSA Professional and ORANGENIUS.

EXPRESSA PROFESSIONAL it is the professional juicer smaller desk and low-cost market, which is designed for premises with limited space. Available in orange and chrome colors. Capacity 13 oranges / minute. oranges mm diameter. 62-76. Dimensionthe machine cm. 22x43x56 (LxWxH). Weight 12 kg. 230 volts, 100 watts. It equipped with a removable tray that collects the skins (autonomy up to 25 oranges). Enter the whole oranges into the juicer, press the button and you will get immediately a 100% natural juice, which keeps intact all the nutritional properties of the fruit intact.

ORANGENIUS is the genius among the professional automatic juicer, stylish design and high strength materials. The pressing unit can be removed for easy cleaning. Available in orange and silver colors. Capacity 21 oranges / minute. oranges mm diameter. 60-82. Machine dimensions cm. 26x56x71 (LxWxH). Weight 34 kg. 230 volts, 200 watts. It equipped with a removable tray that collects the skins.


Do you want to know the cost and get a quote? CONTACT US