How to buy

To complete a purchase at, just follow the steps outlined below.

Click on the "Customer Area" icon and enter Login and Password if you are already registered, otherwise proceed with the activation of a new account, making sure to enter all the fields marked as mandatory.

After completing the initial registration of the account, you can browse within our Store, choose the products you are interested in, decide on the quantity you want to buy and put them inside the cart by clicking the "Add to Cart" button. A notification message will confirm the successful outcome of the transaction.

Then you can continue with the shopping or go to the cashier to complete the order (YOUR SHOPPING CART).


- (TAB. 1 - Shopping Cart) You will be prompted to confirm the products in your cart, click on "Go to Checkout".

- (TAB. 2 - Shipping Costs) Select the desired shipping type by destination, click on "Continue".

- (TAB. 3 - Buyer Data) Confirming the data previously entered with the account creation (if the account is not yet created, you will be prompted to do so in this step), consent to the processing of data for Privacy, accept the purchase conditions and specify whether the delivery address coincides with the invoice, and possibly enter the delivery data if different. Here's a chance to add your own comment or note to the order you are about to post. Click on "Continue".

- (TAB. 4 - Payment Details) Choose the desired payment method between those proposed and click on "Continue". If you pay with PayPal, the system will automatically transfer the transaction to the Secure Server for the completion of the transaction. Payments by Credit Card are still managed by PayPal, therefore, as indicated, entering the data for your card.

- (TAB. 5 - Order Summary) Complete all of the operations above, you can see the order summary in progress, click on "Order Confirmation" to complete the entire procedure.

You can also skip all the registration steps by logging in with your PayPal Account or even by direct payment of the product by clicking on the "Pay with PayPal" image on each card.

Subsequently, in your Customer Area "you will be able to view the order summary and make any changes to profile data.

Few easy steps to complete your purchase transaction.

For any information or clarification you can always contact us through our Form.